What is Homeopathy ?

Homeopathy is a natural medicine invented at the end of the 18th century by a German physician, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). It is based on the law of similitude, established in antiquity by Hippocrates: any substance that produces symptoms in a healthy subject is capable of curing these same symptoms in a ill subject. Its action is due to two essential principles, dilution and potentisation, which give it its therapeutic power and enable it to restore the subject’s vital energy.

Astrology and Homeopathy have their common origin in the Western Tradition and proceed from the same mode of reasoning: while Astrology is based on the analogy between Man and Heaven, Homeopathy is based on the similitude between Man and Nature through its different kingdoms (mineral, plant, animal).

When a homeopathic remedy is carefully chosen, its curative action is gentle, rapid, deep, effective and safe, working simultaneously on the three levels of man: body, soul and spirit.


Astro-Homeopathy is based on the one hand on the personal features shown by the astrological chart, and on the other hand on the physical, mental and dream symptoms of the person. The synthesis of this information makes it possible to target in a very precise way the homeopathic remedy that is most appropriate for him/her, the one that is most similar to him/her.

As homeopathy acts on the physical, emotional and mental levels, the chosen remedy will reinforce the information given by the astrological chart and will help restore the person’s inner balance.

From Astrology to Homeopathy

Didier Lustig was introduced to Homeopathy a few years after Astrology, when he was diagnosed with an illness that conventional medicine could not cure properly. As he immersed himself in this eminently living and human medicine, he realized how much it had in common with Astrology, while being based on distinct rules. Soon after, he found the homeopathic remedy that cured him overnight.

After this first success, he attended for 7 years the Hahnemannian School of Fréjus run by Dr.Didier Grandgeorge, before continuing his training in other schools and research groups of homeopathy. During the 1990s, he introduced in France Jeremy Sherr’s methodology of homeopathic provings and produced a series of new homeopathic remedies (transuranic actinides), now used worldwide.

Didier Lustig speaking at the 69th Congress of the International League of Homeopathic Physicians (LMHI), Paris 2014

Didier Lustig and Deborah Collins at the SMHMP seminar in Toulouse, 2014

He is regularly invited to give lectures and seminars in France and Europe:

Lecture at the 63rd Congress of the International League of Homeopathic Physicians (LMHI) in 2008 in Ostend (Belgium)

Seminar at the Belgian School of Homeopathy (EBH) in 2010 in Brussels (Belgium)

Seminar at the Society of Homeopathic Medicine of Midi-Pyrénées (SMHMP) in 2014 in Toulouse

Lecture at the 69th Congress of the International League of Homeopathic Physicians (LMHI) in 2014 in Paris

Guest of honor at the 16th Homeopathic Days Dauphiné-Savoie (SHDS) in 2015 in Aix-les-Bains

Seminar at the French National Homeopathic Institute (INHF) in 2016 in Paris

Seminar at the Hahnemannian Society of Normandy (SHN) in 2018 in Rouen

Lecture at the 98th Faculty of Homeopathy Congress in 2018 in Liverpool (UK)

Conference at the Belgian School of Homeopathy (EBH) in 2019 in Brussels (Belgium)

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