The Astrological Consultation

The astrological consultation is a very special moment of self-awareness. Since every human being is unique, there cannot be two identical charts. Therefore, the information contained within the chart and interpreted by an astrologer is solely intended for you. The consultation enables you to discover who you really are and gives meaning to the events you may come across in your life. It provides immediate help to free yourself from schemes and judgments in which you might be trapped.

In order to fulfill your specific needs,
6 different types of consultation are proposed :

Duration : 1 1/2 hour   |   Rate : 200 €

Analysis-Forecast-Advice Consultation

Goal : Evaluating your personality, your situation in life, optimizing your potential for the future.

The recommendable consultation that helps you acquire self knowledge, evaluate your life situation and optimize your potential for the future. This is done by using the information contained in your Natal Chart. Moreover, the “Analysis-Forecast-Advice” Consultation helps you make the right decisions towards your personal evolution using self awareness.

The « Analysis-Forecast-Advice » consultation is based on :
– the Natal chart (astrological birth chart)
– the Solar Return chart (annual chart)
– Transits and Directions for the next 3 years


The interpretation of the Natal Chart starts with a psychological analysis, that reveals your individual capacities and unconscious conditionings. This analysis helps evaluate your past experiences and clarify your life project, as well as to define your place in society: family, relationship personal and professional, etc.

Guidance for personal development

By highlighting your assets and abilities to compensate for shortcomings, the astrological chart suggests an approach for cutting loose from usual patterns and taking control of your destiny. It helps to clearly identify the tools you need in order to assert yourself more effectively.


In addition to an overview of your situation, the astrological consultation provides forecasts concerning social, professional and love life, health, money, etc. These forecasts include precise indications of periods and/or dates.


The astrological consultation offers concrete advice in all domains, for example profession, family, love, education, etc.

Duration : 1 hour   |   Rate : 150 €

Astro-Homeopathic Counseling

Goal : Determining the most appropriate homeopathic remedy for you

In accordance with the information provided by your astrological chart, the search of the right remedy is based on your physical, mental and emotional symptoms expressed during the counseling session. Once determined, the remedy can be easily ordered on-line, depending on the country you live in.

Duration : 1 1/2 hour   |   Rate : 300 €

Compatibility Consultation

Goal : Compatibility between  you and your partner (couple, professional relationship)

In addition to the natal chart, the analysis of another person’s chart may reveal the compatibility between you and your partner. Whether it is a love or professional relationship, the comparative analysis reveals affinities and/or incompatibilities between you both. Rather than formally predicting the outcome of your relationship, the compatibility analysis, also called Synastry, provides meaningful information about the nature of your relationship and it’s possible evolution in the future.

Duration : 1 hour   |   Rate : 150 €

Child Consultation

Goal : Better understanding your child and stimulating his/her self-fulfillment.

Knowing your child well means being able to understand who he/she really is and to make his/her self-fulfillment easier. The natal chart gives invaluable information concerning his/her personality and skills, but also his/her possible difficulties and the means to alleviate them. The “Child” consultation also provides advice on education, as well as professional guidance.

Duration : 1 1/2 hour   |   Rate : 200 €

Birthday Consultation

Goal : Improving the course of a year.

How to improve the course of a year…
Among the various forecast methods used in astrology, there is only one that may modify the course of events to a certain extent: the “Solar Return” chart. It is an annual chart drawn up on the occasion of a person’s birthday. The Solar Return chart may indicate very different tendencies, according to the place the person finds him/herself in during his/her birthday. In this way, the choice of the most appropriate location makes a favorable configuration much more effective, or, on the contrary, reduces the risks contained in another, more worrying configuration.

…through the rediscovery of a long-neglected technique
Although this technique dates back to the Renaissance, we can only now fully take advantage of it because of modern transport. Therefore, the “Birthday Consultation” focuses primarily on finding the most favorable place to be in during your birthday. This relocation will considerably influence the year to come. In this way, the benefit of an auspicious year will be added to the discovery of a new place!

Duration : 40 minutes   |   Rate : 100 €

Question & Answer

Goal : Precise answers to your questions.

Get precise answers to your questions thanks to horary astrology: profession, business, feelings, health… Horary astrology is the oldest branch of astrology. It is based on the moment when the astrologer becomes aware of the question. It allows the astrologer to answer the most diverse questions directly, while offering a degree of precision and accuracy that is often surprising.

Duration : Flexible   |   Rate : On request

Expert Consultation

Goal : Assessment, perspectives, support in decision making, advice  on actions to be taken and strategies to be employed.

The “Expert” consultation is intended to clarify different options so as to make the best decision. It determines the best strategies and periods to take action in with the best chances for success. This consultation is specifically aimed at professionals or persons who are facing decisive choices in their life. The “Expert” consultation implements a range of specific tools, such as charts of partners, events, interviews, comparisons of different charts, etc.

The rigorous analysis of these tools delivers a clear, precise and well-argued synthesis that provides clear decision-making.

Assessment and perspective

- Understanding the real causes having led to your current situation
- Decoding the context, human environment, chain of events

Support in decison making

- Defining a business sector, targeting customers, determining a type of product
- Making a choice between different job proposals
- Profile analysis for recruiting employees and looking for associates
- Compatibility study between partners
- Buying or selling a property, shop, company, etc.

Action improvement in taking action

- Determining the most favorable period to reach your goals: project launch, job change, money investment, creation of a company
- Preparing a job interview by anticipating its process and even the recruiter’s profile!
- Harmonizing your relationships with partners, superiors, colleagues, or employees


- Elaborating a strategy aiming at the best efficiency, anticipating and preparing steps ahead, e.g. in legal or commercial domains (negotiation, trial, purchase & sale)
- Career strategy: description of sectors, functions, goals
- How to recognize and seize opportunities… and avoid traps

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Information to provide when booking an appointment:

– Date of birth
– Precise time of birth
– Place of birth
– Place where you spent your last birthday


Consultations may be recorded and sent through the Internet at no additional cost.