I came upon Astrology overnight, quite unexpectedly.

It was a real revelation because it corresponded exactly to what I had been searching for during the last ten years.

I decided to become an astrologer six months after my discovery of astrology. After three years of intensive study, I founded a practice in November 1987.

Since then, I never stopped improving my knowledge of Astrology and particularly that of the human being, a constant source of wonder because of the infinite and often unexpected resources that are within us all. Being a professional astrologer means being a privileged witness to the multiple states which we pass through such as: desires, ambitions, joys, deceptions, grieves, etc.

The experience acquired during 35 years of professional practice amply validates my original goal:

giving everyone an objective and directly applicable overview of the information contained in their natal chart, as well as helping them towards more self-awareness. I discovered Homeopathy some years later, when I came across a disease that conventional medicine could not cure.

I decided to study this different form of medicine and was rapidly struck by the numerous points in common with Astrology. After a while, I found the homeopathic remedy that cured me immediately.

I then attended a school of classical Homeopathy during 7 years (Hahnemannian School in Fréjus directed by Dr. Didier Grandgeorge) and improved my knowledge in other homeopathic schools and research groups.

Following the creation of new remedies and the introduction of the homeopathic provings in France, I am regularly invited to give lectures and seminars in France & Europe (LMHI International Congresses 2008 & 2014).

The complementarity I observed between Astrology and Homeopathy encouraged me to research the links between astrological symbols and homeopathic remedies. This new domain of study is called Astro-Homeopathy.

Although Astrology and Homeopathy correspond to two different disciplines with their own rules, obvious links appear between them through symbolism and analogy.

These connections make it possible to deduce from the natal chart one or several remedies which may correspond to the patient, and then to select the one that fits him/her most, according to his/her physical, mental and emotional symptoms.


As for any profession dealing with human relationships,
the ethics in astrology are defined by a professional code.

Utmost importance is given to notions such as support, understanding and respect towards the patient. The astrologer should avoid any counseling related to superstition, supposed “magic powers”, or any form of prophecy. Concerning the latter, his role is, on the contrary, to lead the person to a better understanding of the existing links between past his/her conditioning, the situation he/she experiences, and the probable consequences deriving from it. This will help the person to free him/herself from a form of fatalism in which we naturally tend to lock ourselves. Obviously, the astrologer is bound by professional secrecy.