With the help of my long professional experience and
through precise advice and forecasts

I answer your questions, help you get a clearer picture of your present life and help you make the right decisions regarding the future.
The in-depth study of your astrological chart may also define the homeopathic remedy that suits you the best and helps restore your inner balance.

Astrology readings, Astro-homeopathic counseling

In Paris

7 rue Cardinal Mercier, 75009 PARIS

By Phone

(+33) 01 49 95 05 99

On visio

Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp

The astrological consultation is based on a
three step process:

A psychological analysis
A psychological analysis

focusing on your capacities and the difficulties you are encountering

An evaluation of your current situation
An evaluation of your current situation

and forecasts concerning your inner life, love, career, health, family, etc.

Personalized advice
Personalized advice

personal development, career guidance, love compatibility, employment interview, support in decision making, etc.